Master your WISP

Industry-Leading Network Monitoring. Simple Automated Billing.

It's All Automatic

Network Monitoring

Automatically discover customer radios and test their connection, every minute of every day going back forever.

Automated Billing

Email invoices, charge credit cards, disconnect for non-payment, and self-reconnect by portal online bill payment.

Built-In Call Centre

Record every phone call, email, and service call, automatically, on each customer account.

The Pinglog is your Secret Weapon

At a glance, see every customer on an access point, and their performance over the past day, week, month or even year. Know instantly whether a channel change has fixed the issue, or when you need to upgrade equipment for capacity. Discover network issues before your customers do!

Industry-Leading Features

Radio Path Plots

Type a customer's address and automatically look up the best of your towers to reach them. See terrain, land cover, and fresnel zones.

Frequency Planner

Automatically gather the frequency of every device and compare them between sites to avoid channel conflicts.

Live Network Map

Lay out the entire network, no matter how large or complex, in a clean logical map that changes colour in real-time with network status.

Easy Provisioning

If you have a Mikrotik router, that's all you need for Swift Fox to set package speeds and disconnect customers with a captive portal. Works with almost any network topology and does not sit in your traffic stream.

Cloud Hosted

Access Swift Fox from anywhere, mobile or desktop on our secure cloud-hosted platform. All data is backed up regularly and replicated real-time to our multiple data-centres for your security.

We're Here to Help

Our support team is reachable at any time if you need help, 7 days a week / 365 days a year - by phone, email, or live chat from within Swift Fox

Swift Fox Pricing


2 USD / subscriber

Unlimited logins

Includes all features

Regular updates

7 day a week support

No minimum subscribers

Month to month, no contract

The Swift Fox Pingbox

Swift Fox works by hosting a device called the "pingbox" somewhere on your network, preferably near the edge close to your upstream provider. This device establishes a secure encrypted tunnel back to the Swift Fox cloud servers, which is used to gather network information and perform automated network tasks.

Your client traffic never flows through this device, so it does not become a single point of failure. To perform bandwidth tracking, package speed shaping, and captive portal disconnections, a Mikrotik router is required. Swift Fox inserts queue rules, firewall IP list entries, and gathers IP Accounting data from this router.

There are three options for the pingbox:

Virtual Machine
10,000+ subscribers

Download a .OVA virtual machine image compatible with most major virtualization software. Run this on your own server that is hosted near your network edge. Get up and running in minutes using VirtualBox

Embedded Pingbox
< 1,000 subscribers

A small ARM-based embedded device, fanless and with no moving parts. With a steel powder-coated case and wide temperature range for operation, this device can fit into almost any cabinet.

Server Pingbox
10,000+ subscribers

A quad-core mini-ITX server. Fanless, with SSD storage and remote IPMI access for maintenance and support. Very robust and capable of supporting networks of any size.

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About Us

Our Founders

Scott Armstrong and Matthew Beaton started a WISP in Alberta in 2002. Scott had been working in the wireless industry for many years already, deploying some of the first ever broadband links in western Canada. The WISP business quickly grew, and relied on Matt's experience as a software developer to design custom tools to manage and monitor the network.

This suite of tools grew until other ISPs started to ask if they could get a copy, and Swift Fox was formed. After hiring a team of developers and starting fresh from the ground up, a scalable and efficient system was built for ISPs everywhere to easily and effectively manage their operations

Scott and Matt sold their ISP operations in 2013, and now focus full-time on helping WISPs all over the world grow and master their businesses.

Our Mission

At its heart, our mission is simple - we want customers to have the fastest Internet, the most reliable Internet, and the friendliest customer service that is possible. These values are deeply embedded into the core of how Swift Fox approaches WISP management.

Tools such as real-time network monitoring that is client-centric, and alerts the ISP when any clients are below a standard quality - allow an ISP to contact clients pre-emptively for service calls and fix issues before they call in. Flexible on-call and network paging means that ISPs can easily stay on top of infrastructure problems. Our industry-leading integrated call centre system means that every customer call can get personalized attention and a quick and friendly resolution.

We recognize that indepedent WISPs are aiming to be better than the 'big guys', and to deliver service that bucks the trend of big telcos with awful reputations. Our mission is to make this as easy as possible.