Field Operations


An operations workflow that your field techs will love

Swift Fox has been refined to give your field techs the information they need, when they need it, and to get out of their way at all other times. Work in the field can be hectic, so software workflow should be kept to a minimum. Schedules are designed to be easy to print in the morning, complete with directions, phone numbers, summaries of service calls and packages for installs. If you run a paperless operation, the field schedule is optimized for iPad or tablet use — and can be rearranged easily by dragging calls between technicians.

GPS fleet tracking gives your techs more information with less hassle

Pull up to a client site, and Swift Fox automatically identifies that the van has stopped and asks the tech to click on the service call or install that they are at. This keeps both the phone support centre and the field service manager in the loop in case emergencies occur or a client calls in for an ETA. This also records the exact coordinate of the client’s location on their account, so there won’t be any need to rely on confusing “turn left at the red barn” directions in the future.

When the tech leaves the site, Swift Fox asks how the call was resolved — and if it wasn’t, it stays open so that it can be rescheduled for another time. This helps minimize ways that service calls can fall through the cracks, and makes sure that clients are always kept up to speed.

Automatic provisioning means no guesswork for account setup

If your network uses static IP addresses for CPEs, Swift Fox will automatically keep track of the ones that are in use — so that all an installer needs to do is click “New Service” on a client account, and they will be provided the correct IP information to use in the radio. If your network uses Motorola Canopy, DOCSIS, or a system that does not require static IPs — then an IP address will be automatically assigned by Swift Fox to the customer unit, without any involvement from the installer.

From the moment the “circuit” is added to the account, it is tested every sixty seconds. If your field techs have access to 3G, they can perform a real-time connection test and signal check from their phone/tablet on the rooftop through Swift Fox — no more having to spool into the radio or drag a laptop on the roof. Solo installs become a lot easier with the tools that Swift Fox provides.