Customer Support


Our Support Centre has your back!  We handle all support requests, billing, sales and signups!

We have a team of support specialists who take your client’s support calls and emails.  7 Days a week.  So you can focus on running your WISP and living life again.

All customer support, sales, field dispatch, billing and collections are completed by Network+/CWNA certified technicians in our in-house Canadian call centre.
24/7 NOC On-Call by our Mikrotik/UBNT certified WISP Network Engineers.  We do not have “Tier 1″ support agents, all calls are already escalated to Tier 2, right from the start.

Every call that comes into your support line, or any outgoing call to a customer, is automatically recorded on the customer account. When a call is completed, the technician fills out a concise description of the call details, and this is attached to the recorded phone call. This allows you to make sure that nothing gets missed, and makes auditing phone calls for quality assurance purposes much easier.

The phone system is built right in!

Simply forward your main support number to a special number that we provide, and we will do the rest! This allows you to keep control over your support number, so that you can always forward it elsewhere in an emergency.

All-in-one integration reduces phone support times and service calls

As soon as a customer calls in, The Swift Fox software platform automatically pulls up their account based on the caller ID. This immediately shows the last several weeks of connection performance, billing history, service calls, and even prior phone calls into the support centre – all before the tech says “Hello”. Having instant access to all this information means that there are a lot of calls that can be resolved without walking the client through unnecessary troubleshooting steps, or repeating work done by an earlier tech.

Without having to open a terminal window or log into anything, your technicians can do a real-time connection test to a client CPE. This is especially useful when asking a client to reboot a CPE, because the technicians can watch the connection “live” while they are on the phone to make sure the subscriber actually does it. This step alone will save unnecessary service calls when a CPE reboot is all that is needed.

Instant data from field operations means that if a client calls in looking for the installers that are running late, the techs can look at the schedule and GPS tracking and give the client a precise estimate of arrival time. One click away from the network map means our phone techs can make sure that there isn’t a network or site-wide problem causing client issues, without having to escalate to NOC.

Powerful reporting and real-time graphing keep you in the loop

Swift Fox reports key phone support figures such as average call time (AHT), abandon rate (clients that hung up waiting on hold), total call volumes, and even per-technician statistics. Keeping tabs on the customer experience in your support workflow becomes much easier when you can look back at performance months at a glance. These statistics help you know when to hire new technicians, and how to arrange shifts to make optimal coverage of the call volumes.

Fully Integrated Trouble Tickets

From phone calls and emails to scheduled events, every customer interaction is tracked in a convenient threaded format. If a customer calls in and leaves a message, a ticket is automatically generated containing the voicemail. You return the call, and the ticket is updated to include the recording of the outgoing call. A service call is scheduled, so the ticket is updated again to specify the schedule date and time, and it will be updated to resolve upon completion of the service call. A ticket is always assigned to someone, and will appear front and centre in the user interface to ensure no client is ever forgotten.