Swift Fox Software


The Swift Fox Platform is a managed software suite designed specifically to provide an independent ISP with all the tools needed to compete with the big nationwide providers. Attentive and in-depth monitoring helps you keep your network running perfectly.

Clean and professional billing helps your clients feel comfortable and informed. Client provisioning and throttling help save you time and reduce network issues by being aware of where all your devices are, and what they are doing. A highly integrated trouble ticket system keeps your clients happy by helping you track all correspondence to resolve an issue.

How it works


Software as a service

The Swift Fox Platform is a service, securely hosted in a high-capacity data centre. This means that you have no software to install, nor do you need to buy and maintain servers. Instead of a large upfront fee, you only pay a small monthly fee that scales to meet your needs.

We do it for you!

With traditional software, you are on your own to set it up, upgrade it, and tweak it to suit your needs.

Swift Fox is different. We set your system up, and make sure everything works the way you like it. Support is always included for free for as long as you are a client. As we host all the data on our servers, you do not need to worry about backups, security, or other server maintenance issues. We take care of all of that.

The Pingbox connects your network

When you sign up with Swift Fox, we ship you a small device called the Pingbox. This is what will connect your network to our secure servers.

The Pingbox requires no configuration (only an IP address, which can be preconfigured prior to shipping), so installation is simply plug and play.

All data sent between the Pingbox and our secure servers is encrypted, keeping your network and customer information private throughout.

The Pingbox can act as many devices in one, depending on your needs. It can simply monitor your network devices and gather information from them by SNMP, SSH, and other means. It can also act as a RADIUS and DHCP server for authentication and provisioning of wireless or cable clients. If you need to access your network from outside, you can log into the Pingbox graphically through the Swift Fox web interface and run your favourite network administration tools right from your web browser.