Specialized Technicians Answer Your Calls in North America

Our support technicians are trained in Wireless, Cable, and DSL technologies. We can receive your support, billing, and sales calls seven days per week, morning to evening. Our technicians are experienced in many specific types of equipment, and have access to your client network monitoring details to create a very informed troubleshooting process for your clients. We can support telephone, email and live chat.

Our technicians are full time salaried and make support their career. We are not a faceless contact centre filled with hourly shift workers. Our technicians are also certified in Network+ and often carry additional certifications through our employee development program. We are also small enough that clients can often work with the same technician each time they call in, allowing a personal relationship to be built.

Our Helpdesk is located in Western Canada which offers friendly people with neutral accents that work in most any market in Canada or the US, and Central time zone allows for support from coast to coast.

Recorded Calls Ensure Accountability

Every day, several calls per technician are audited and graded by our customer service manager to ensure your clients are being served in the best way possible. As all phone calls and audits are accessible from your Swift Fox account, you are also able to listen to any call, or read any email correspondence that our technicians may have had with your clients.

Customizable to Meet Your Needs

You can choose to have our technicians answer calls for only certain hours or days, at all times, or for only certain types of calls. Support calls, but not sales? No problem. Just need an answering service and want all calls to be transferred to you? We can do that. Let us know your needs and we do our best to accommodate them.

Customer Service

Our customer support centre can provide 7 day a week, customized sales and support to your clients. Via phone, email, and online chat. All interactions are recorded and accessible on-line to you via our Swift-Fox hosted software suite. The level and type of service provided is customized to your needs. Our support technicians are experienced network engineers with Network+ certifications as a minimum requirement. Many also have CCNA, and CWNA qualifications. We are not a large impersonal support mill. Our support staff have many years of experience and are salaried long term staff. They are also renowned for their friendly yet professional style that we hire for and then groom through an in-house personal development program.

Our customer support services are customized to each ISP but are typically charged on a per client, per month basis. This enables an ISP to plan for customer support costs with variable support volumes.