The Swift Fox Business System


Independent Internet Service Providers face many challenges.

  • Providing 7 day a week technical support to smaller customer bases can be very expensive, sole proprietors and smaller sized operators are often forced to provide support directly, thus creating challenges in maintaining high customer service standards and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
  • ISP technologies are very demanding on experience and knowledge. Many independent ISPs do not encounter problems with enough frequency to be able to have the in-house experience needed to operate at a high level.
  • Technology changes fast, without a dedicated R&D division, it is difficult for smaller ISPs to stay on top of the latest technologies and test each one for suitability on their networks.
  • Having highly skilled engineering resources on staff are very expensive and are hard to find in the event of problems. Having an expert on your network available in the event of problems is not an easy need to meet.
  • Maintaining secondary services such as email, web hosting and VOIP can be costly and keeping up with the latest anti-spam and other changes can become a full time job.
  • Independent ISPs often manage multiple technologies simultaneously, Cable, DSL, Wireless, FTTH, Metro Access, and others.
  • There are very few software options for customer relationship management, billing, network management, and operations control. The solutions on the market are aimed at large carriers or are far too expensive and complicated for the independent ISP.
  • ISP as a business is a unique one, there are few resources for the independent ISP owner to gain open and non-product centric knowledge, advice, and expertise from role models of success in the industry.  Not all challenges faced by WISPs are technical.  There are few resources for proven business advice in this industry.
  • It can be very difficult to maintain constant and predictable returns for many ISP owners when facing competition from other ISPs and carriers with deep pockets.

Swift Fox has proven solutions to these challenges.

As owners and operators of several WISPs, we have been conquering these challenges for over 10 years and have developed processes, technologies, and resources to enable our own success as an independent ISP and maintain consistent, predictable, returns. All while being the leader in price, technology, and customer service in the areas we serve.

We have helped independent ISPs across North America become profitable and go on to succeed in markets where they had faltered. We have helped tiny start-ups and operators with thousands of subscribers. This gives us a knowledge of a wide range of experiences, not only on our own network but networks in markets of many types.

Our total end to end system for operating a WISP takes all the pieces and ensures that they all fit together.