About Us


Swift Fox Systems partners with entrepreneurs, community co-ops, local governments, First Nations communities and small-medium firms to build and grow, highly profitable, locally owned, Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) across North America.

Swift Fox brings to every partnership, over a decade of proven experience coupled with an easy to use toolkit of resources that allows WISPs of virtually any size to gain a competitive advantage in the market and maximize their growth.

The Swift Fox approach is a proven system that leverages our team with an integrated suite of powerful management software and services that provides enhanced efficiencies in network operation, a higher level of satisfaction for the WISP’s customers and increased profitability for their businesses.

We have a proven track record helping struggling WISPs become market leaders and taking successful WISPs to the next level in their business.

Swift Fox offers the solution you need to excel and turn your WISP business into an efficient, profitable machine.

Over 15 years in WISP experience

Originally founded by Scott Armstrong and Matthew Beaton in 2002 to help several Alberta based ISPs keep up with demand for installations and provide the experience that Scott had gained after working for two major nationwide ISPs in engineering and network development. Scott built the first commercial WISP network in Southern Alberta in an era before technologies like 802.11 were commonplace.

In 2003, we launched our own fixed wireless ISP in the rural areas outside Calgary. We grew quickly, doubling our customer base every year for the first several years. Throughout this time, we developed a set of of business processes combined with a suite of specialized software tools that allowed us to push the early technology to its limits while keeping all client connections running perfectly.

In 2013 when we sold our ISP division we had approximately 2500 clients on our network, 15 full-time staff, and despite numerous competing services, we were the top provider in our markets with >80% market penetration.

We believe in a system of continuous research and testing of new technologies as they appear on the market, as well as having a thorough low-level understanding of the network protocols and underlying physical layer behind all the products we use.

This knowledge allowed us to develop our own proprietary protocol to address the shortcomings in 802.11 in long-range multipoint deployments. This protocol later inspired our manufacturer partner to develop a low cost, carrier-grade product that is used worldwide.

This combination of knowledge, experience, and specialized tools have enabled us to be successful by keeping our costs low, but our service solid and reliable.

Combined with our personal approach to service, this resulted in us having the highest customer satisfaction rate of any ISP in our market.

Swift Fox Systems: Using our success to help you

For many years, we have provided advice to both startup and well-established ISPs in regards to engineering, technology and business problems. In all cases, our recommended changes resulted in a dramatic improvement in client uptime and service quality, which led to a substantial reduction in service calls for the ISP and general increases in profitability.

We provide full engineering services to all our partners.  Our goal in engineering support is not just to solve problems, but to teach ISPs how to be more successful and profitable.

We also offer end user customer support from our own support centre, where all our technicians are thoroughly trained and certified in networking as it applies to ISP operations. Our technicians are available to answer your client support calls, billing calls, and even sales calls — with a personal touch and solid experience. We ensure that ISPs are assigned to specific technicians, so that when your clients call in, they’ll quite likely be talking to someone they have spoken with before.

Building a Relationship

Every ISP we work with is unique. We have worked hard to build a host of solutions that align our interests with that of our partners. We cannot succeed if our partners do not. Ensuring both parties gain value from the relationship is key to long lasting business relationships.
Locally owned ISPs are special.  We have systems, processes, and supporting services that enable local ISPs to remain local, yet compete on a level with the big players.